My new car … sort of ;)


In our neighbourhood, there’s a car dealer, selling Peugeot and DaimlerChrysler. Some time ago, I saw a huge but very elegant car in front of the showroom. When I had a closer look, I saw that it was neither a DaimlerChrysler nor a Peugeot.

I remembered, that there was actually a car brand that was even more exclusive than DaimlerChrysler. It’s name started with the letter “M” but it was definitely not a McDonald’s.

Yesterday, the car again was outside the garage and I took the occasion to show it to my wife — you don’t see one of these that often.

Suddenly, the car dealer stepped out of the building, eager to see what we two youngsters did to his car … Anyway, he was very kind an promised us to show the cars interior some other time.

A very nice car, indeed. I might consider this as our new car.

If you’re adept to cars, you may have guessed the brand: It is a Maybach.

The price of this beauty? What price?


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