WordPress Blogroll Import Enhancements


One of the things that bothers me in WordPress is, that it doesn’t let you get rid of the old imported blogroll (OPML) when you import a new one.

I came up with a solution that works fine for me, and maybe someone else wants to use this patch as well, so I post it here, for the public.

It requires you to patch link-import.php that handles the import to the database. It will add a checkbox to the “Import Blogroll” page. If you check it, WordPress will first delete all links in the category you selected and then import the new ones when you upload the Blogroll.

Note: There would be more elegant solutions where you REPLACE duplicates and INSERT new rows, but I was just too lazy for one approach and the other is only supported by MySQL 4.1 – which I don’t use.

The patch for link-import.php can be found in link-import.patch. It applies to WordPress 1.2 Delta


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