Photoshop for balconies

Despite the fact that today is PulpFiction day, I spent some time gardening with my wife.

KÄRCHER pressure washer One of the things we headed for was cleaning our balcony from algæ and dirt that accumulated during winter time on the concrete. For this task, I could use what’s called a pressure washer – something I never had used before. (I used a product from a company called KÄRCHER but the Americans call them KARCHER)

Anyway, when I started using this machine, it turned out it was like Photoshop for balconies – on steroids: The pressured water actually cleans the walls and floors from dirt as if you were using the eraser or the healing brush in Photoshop. It’s not just a little bit cleaner, it almost looks like new. Amazing.

Well, we now have nice plants on our cleaned balcony, bumble-bees looking for nectar – all in all a very pleasant experience.

… and when I came back, PulpFiction obviously was not released yet. Erik? ;)

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