My post PulpFiction news reading strategy


With the appearance of PulpFiction, my news reading strategy somewhat changed. But I didn’t drop NetNewsWire, though.

No, my strategy is two-fold: I use NetNewsWire for reading and skimming all the headlines and articles I get and fetch the same articles in PulpFiction. For obvious reasons:

  • PF in all its versions has persistent storage – something very valuable to me._ PF can not currently display the extended entry in RSS feeds – NNW does._ PF in version 1.0.0 is – well – slow. Nothing new, but inconvenient nevertheless.

With respect to the speed problem: Especially skimming through the list of new articles is slow. The screenshto on the right shows how the CPU load increases once I advance to the next read or unread article in the list – and how the load goes to normal once the article is displayed. (One other, interesting observation is, that most of the time when I control-click PulpFiction’s icon in the dock, I get an “Application Not Responding”, even if the app does nothing)

The guys at FFS already know this and work hard to increase overall speed, and they have all my respect for working on these issues. Or did you ever see Microsoft respond within 20 minutes when you reported a problem about their brand-new, hot-of-the-press products? Nah.

I must say, expectations for PulpFiction have been stirred high, and I feel it sometimes hard not to be disappointed by the final product. But then, once more this proves that a 1.0.0 release is just that: a 1.0.0 release. I’m eagerly looking forward to see 1.0.1 appear on the radar screens.


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