Fish ’n’ Chips


So they did it. According to “The Register” and “Ananova”, a night club in Barcelona will chip it’s customer base:

A Spanish nightclub is giving guests the chance to pay for drinks and admission using a tiny microchip implanted under the skin.

By waving the part of the body containing the chip over a scanner, money is automatically deducted from their bank accounts.

The chips used by the night club are manufactured by “Applied Digital Solutions”, called “VeriChip” and already covered by this piece on “El Reg”. According to the news article, chipping will not be a singular event but quickly become a routine task:

The nightclub has now turned Tuesday nights into Implant Night where guests can be chipped in between drinking and dancing.

Well. I dare not imagine what will happen in Barcelona in the future. “El Reg” puts it very precisely:

With VeriChip all a crook would have to do is render a holder insensible - hardly difficult in a nightclub - and free drinks are theirs for the night.

Imagine the scenario - you get drunk in a Barcelona nightclub, pass out, and a month later you find you’re bankrupt because you’ve bought half the teenagers in the Catalan capital tapas.

They’re so right. Some more fish ’n’ chips, please … Gracias.


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