“Panther 10.3.4


OS X 10.3.4 is out, obviously. When I read the Release Notes, I first found the following excerpt:

“You can now send SMS messages longer than 68 characters via the Mac OS X 10.3 (Swedish) Address Book.”

It is well known that much of the GSM technology has its origin in Scandinavia, so the first one might just’ve been a precautionary action from Apple to avoid SMS abuse in Sweden ;) (Any SonyEricsson employees using OS X out there to confirm?)

But does anyone have an idea why people speaking Devangari, Guajarati or Gurmukhi should’ve been sanctioned to use all kinds of disk images:

“You can now use more kinds of disk image volumes when the Mac OS X Panther language is set to Devanagari (Hindi, Marati, Nepali, or Sanskrit language), Gujarati, or Gurmukhi (Panjabi).”



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