Not only did those British – well – conquer our national soccer team at the Euro 2004 in Portugal, but they also conquered Swisscom in the battle of lower ADSL prices. El Reg runs a short notice on todays newsstand:

BT is set to cut the cost of its broadband ADSL products in the next few weeks in response to ever-increasing competition from rival ISPs. Exactly how much BT intends to lop off the cost of its packages remains to be seen. But industry sources claim the price cut is on its way and could be made within the next fortnight - just four months after it first unveiled its sub £20 a month service.

These £20 compare roughly to todays entry level prices for ADSL in Switzerland – and are not the cheapest in the UK, according to the article on El Reg:

UK punters can now pick up entry-level ADSL broadband from around £15 a month with large ISPs, such as Wanadoo, offering high speed Net access for £17.99 a month.

Unfortunately, I think Switzerland won’t see prices lower than about 40CHF anytime soon, as Swisscom, presumably opposed to BT, has the monopoly on ADSL wholesale.

And don’t tell me UK has half the speed for the same price. In Sweden, they have double the speed for less than a tenth of the price.


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