Sync Happens


So, the Tiger preview happened. Good! One thing that caught my eye and makes me dream about ubiquitous sync across platform borders for most important digital assets (i.e. calendar, address book, todo and maybe even memos) is the following quote from Mac OS X Tiger’s Sync page:

Tiger synchronizes data continuously and transparently in the background in small chunks, keeping sync times short. In Tiger you get more seamless, short sync times and your information is always current and available when you need it.

Sound very, very good to me. It could mean that iCal will be synced continuously to Exchange if I wish so, and that is good news, given that Outbreak, does the same – somehow.

Sidenote: I finally abandoned my Calendaring experiment – it worked but making it bullet-proof didn’t seem worth the time. Maybe my laziness will be rewarded in autumn this year … :)


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