katie.com hijacking


Well, the word is out for some time that there’s a war between Katie Jones, UK resident and legal owner of the domain http://katie.com, and the Penguin Putnam Inc. (To whom I won’t link to for obvious reasons!)

El Reg ran the story today but already had an appearance of the subject in an article in 2000 and some days ago, Angie McKaig ran the story on assorted sweets.

I really hope that eventually, Katie Jones will get the rightful solution and receive the apologies from Penguin, Katie T. and the lawyers that threaten her to get hold of the domain. Or in her own words:

OK so not only do I get walked all over, my life invaded by this book, treated badly by the publisher/author who refuse to acknowledge that they’ve done the wrong thing, but then I get to hand it over to them on a silver plate and I not only have suffered all this aggravation but ultimately have lost the thing that I care about. Exactly HOW does this resolve anything other than give them the thing they want which they have done everything to hijack without any care and consideration for what is right and just?


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