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Every here and then, I find an interesting article on the net that is equally available as PDF. This insanely great as I can thus develop my collection of Most useful documents™. However, I started noticing a certain trend to give too generic names to documents.

For example, a “Web Designers Checklist” was once again simply named “cheklist.pdf”, or worse, stuff is named “article.pdf” or “0046732-4833.pdf”.1 Well, I don’t want tons of articles that have meaningless or confusing names. And yes, I expect the author to give meaning to his document, including the filename!

I mean, you don’t decide on your own what name a government agency has or what you like to call a company like – unless there is some evidence that they deserve it.

Anyway, it is vital in the pre-Spotlight era that you can find a document by it’s title because full-text search is insanely slow in most cases.

So, if you are an author of a document that is to be published online, please consider naming it appropriately. And while we’re at it: Change the document metadata to significant information, too.


  1. It’s my hope that this isn’t the name of some top-secret US-Government document that accidentally leaked to the internet … But then, that’s a whole of another story, isn’t it? ↩︎


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