I’ve been a long-time user of [Privoxy][]1 but always found it a little bit awkward to configure.

PithHelmetOn the other hand, PithHelmet always seemed a good start but was not as powerful as Privoxy by means of “transmogrifying” the content of a web site as Privoxy did it – until now: PithHelmet v2.0 was released some days ago and I downloaded a copy a few minutes ago.

There’s a whole bunch of new features added that make PithHelmet an appealing replacement for Privoxy2. From the following feature list, I especially like the Machete feature, it seems to be even more powerful than Privoxys regular expression engine.

v2.0 - released 2004-08-12>* entirely new and improved blocking engine>* simplied preferences for ad blocking and cookie privacy>* Site Preferences - change Safari and PithHelmet settings per site>* cookie filtering adds new privacy settings>* Machete allows you to clean up or remix web sites with small scripts>* drag-n-drop rule sharing - create rule files that are easy to share with friends via email>* transmogrifier editor>* enable/disable particular rules>* works in other WebKit applications like Shiira>* block sending the referrer header>* cookie editor allows you to view cookies as they are sent>* menu items for clearing site or session cookies

Experience will tell if my first impression holds true. I won’t delete all my Privoxy settings yet, but eventually, I hope to move my customisations into PithHelmet’s Rule Editor and drop the Proxy entirely.

Entry powered by [Bö][].

[Privoxy]: http://www.privoxy.org[Ölbaum]: http://ithink.ch/blog[Firefox]: http://mozilla.org/firefox[AdBlock]: http://texturizer.net/firefox/extensions/#adblock[Bö]: /2004/08/26/b-gaining-momentum/

  1. [Ölbaum][] and I even programmed a menu item to enable/disable the Proxy from the menu bar. ↩︎

  2. As I merely browse with another browser than Safari, I think I can bear the fact that only Safari is supported. If for some reason, I want to use [Firefox][], I can go and use the [AdBlock][] extension that does a very good job as well. ↩︎

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