Unicode Ate My Brain

So, if the [Unicode Ribbon Campaign][] is not know to you, go to the [XML Conference][] and join the [following session][]1:

Unicode Ate My Brain#

Instructor: John Cowan, Senior Internet Systems Developer, Reuters, United States

Unicode, the universal character set, is one of the foundation technologies of XML, but it is not yet widely understood. Learn how to use Unicode and XML to save lots of money and achieve world domination at the same time.

Pre-Requisites: Some understanding of XML; no knowledge of Unicode is required. Technology Requirements: None

Hat tip: [Norm][]

  1. Of course, I would join the [DocBook Tutorial][][DocBook Tutorial]: http://www.xmlconference.org/xmlusa/2004/friday.html#11 [Unicode Ribbon Campaign]: http://ithink.ch/unicode[XML Conference]: http://xmlconference.org[following session]: http://www.xmlconference.org/xmlusa/2004/friday.html#2[Norm]: http://norman.walsh.name/2004/09/02/docbookTutorial ↩︎

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