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In my blogroll, I have lots of “designer” blogs: Weblogs like [mezzoblue][], [Stopdesign][], [Authentic Boredom][], [Justwatchthesky ( I heart you. )][], [][] or [pixelgraphix][]. Most if not all of them have something to say about intelligent, educated web-design. And definitely all of them are beautifully crafted, standards compliant websites – one of the reasons why I subscribed to these in the first place.

Paradoxically, I don’t enjoy these sites’ beauty anymore, as I am reading the posts via my Newsreader. And because it’s News, I prefer a uniform, subtle layout that is unique across the different subscriptions – it helps me to stay focused on the content I am about to read and is a significant productivity boost1.

PulpFiction’s SQL came in handy for this post when I wanted to get all “Web Designers’” blogs I’m subscribed to.:

SELECT, url FROM subscriptions, folders WHERE LIKE AND folders.parent IN ( SELECT fid FROM folders WHERE name LIKE “Web Designers” );

[]: “Jason Kottke”[// hicksdesign]: “Jon Hickson”[mezzoblue]: “Dave Shea”[Stopdesign]: [decaffeinated]: [Airbag]: []: [And all that Malarkey]: [Shaun Inman // Commentary]: [Authentic Boredom]: [Design by Fire]: [The Fishbowl]: [Whitespace]: []: [noise between stations]:[mono]:[Justwatchthesky ( I heart you. )]: [Veerle’s blog]: [graphicPUSH]: [pixelgraphix]: [Stingthebee]: [Stylegala | gallery]: [SimpleBits]:

  1. Of course, there is -D in PulpFiction that will switch to the “Online View” of a post on a blog. ↩︎


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