That Formerly Wicked Aqua Look

[Cameron Moll][] complains in “[That Formerly Wicked Aqua Look][]” that he’s grown weary of the Aqua look:

The day I feared would come has finally drawn near. After what can only be termed a lengthy span of denial, I now admit I’ve begun to grow weary of the ‘Aqua’ gel-like theme so prevalent in OSX,, and hundreds of third-party products.

I can completely understand him and while using something like [ShapeShifter][] is not a viable long-term option in my opinion, hope still prevails: [AppleInsider][] recently had articles sporting some interesting info on Apple’s upcoming Mac OS X 10.4 “[Tiger][]” [here][1] and [here][2].

Apparently, Tiger might have a new kind of interface look:

An apparent blending of two themes, the new look lifts interface elements from both of the company’s existing themes and embeds them inside a sleek platinum gradient. According to sources, the first application to adhere to the new look will be the company’s email client, Mail version 2.0.

You could already get a grasp of this new theme if you had a look at Apple’s Tiger preview page on [SpotLight][], the ground-breaking search technology that will be incorporated into Mac OS X 10.4.

If this UI change happens, then Apple’s engineers and UI designers once more will show the world that they exactly know when something has to change – and how. Because we can.

Did you notice the new theme is flat? ;)

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