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While we’re at it …

See that notification at the bottom of the screenshot (and the ever beautiful [Veer wallpaper][] which is more important this time):Bill Gates

The source of this notification is another AppleScript used with [Growl][]: It tells me in the most ideal way (for me) when a “Disposition Notification” receipt has been received by Apple Mail1, by means of a rule that checks incoming mail headers for either text.


Note Edit-Header You’ll have to add the content-class and content-type headers to the available list of headers by adding them via the menu item “Edit Headers” that will be available if you expand the Rule’s “Field” selector.#

This is very handy:

  • These receipts can be marked as read by a rule in Mail, avoiding the “unread messages” on the corresponding folder, reducing disturbance by an important factor.

  • I get a clue when the mail message has been read, under the condition that I am sitting in front of my Mac.

The Apple Script I use in the Mail rule can be downloaded [here][script] and it looks like this:


Again, this is a dropdead gorgeous example of the usefulness of these notification systems. I guess there are many more to add but I have the impression that this one could be useful to many of you – provided you are as maniac as me when it comes to “Disposition Notification” receipts … :)

As I said before, these receipts are especially useful in a corporate environment. Most other mailers either don’t honour them or the users are knowledgeable enough to disable the feature. :)

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  1. In order to generate the Receipt Requests first-hand, you’ll have to install the [MailPriority][] plugin in Mail that I presented in my post on [Apple Mail Plugins][]. ↩︎

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