The epoch of a blog

The most interesting observation about my own blog is it’s ever changing face. While a lot of effort was put into the postings on [WordPress][] [earlier this year][], I tackled some different themes during the [last][] [three][] [months][].


Most interestingly to me though is the way how people find their way to my site – as a direct result of my postings, but I guess also because of the ever changing landscape of high technology.

In July and August, the list of key-phrases used on search engines that ended on my blog was topped by wordpress ecto, for obvious reasons. In September and in October, there was a change in the ranking: aiport express sound quality topped the list by some 0.2% over wordpress ecto.

While the compatibility between [Ecto][] and [WordPress][] improved over time (and people probably came from other sites that referenced my patch instead of searching on Google), I think that the increase of airport express is also due to the fact that more people are buying AirPort Express and tinker with it’s streaming feature. But what sound quality issues do these people encounter?

My [Audio Bliss][] is perfect, as I use the digital output of my AirPort Express, but my guess is, that the D/A converter inside the Base Station does not deliver the same analogue audio quality as a high-end sound-card – or that people expect superior audio quality of their MP3 files that they ripped at 64kb/s bit-rate.

I think it’s the latter – or did you ever see Apple Hardware that did not deliver superior product quality? ;)

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