Sunday Afternoon Quietude

Lisa Ekdahl: Heaven & Earth And Beyond

[Stormy Weather][] would be the ideal description of this Sunday afternoon’s weather with rain-showers, dark clouds and a stiff breeze – but that’s on the outside. On the inside, though, my wife (The One) and I enjoy an afternoon of quietude.

[Lisa Ekdahls][] [Heaven And Earth And Beyond][] is just the right kind of sound for such a day that’s happily floating by, calm, tranquil but still having a jazzy zest – [Dark chocolate with Orange][] comes to mind.

I’m feeling lucky.

[Heaven And Earth And Beyond]: “Lisa Ekdahl: Heaven & Earth And Beyond”[Lisa Ekdahls]: “Lisa Ekdahl Official Homepage”[Stormy Weather]: “Lena Horne: Stormy Weather”[Dark chocolate with Orange]: “Intense Orange Excellence Bar”


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