RESTful Mapping Service

We all know that online maps are useful – very useful sometimes. The other day, I came across a Swiss Map Search that intrigued me with its technical approach. [][] uses a RESTful approach to mapping, composed of the base URL and as location, the city slash street and, if needed, the street number.

If you want to see a map of the famous “Paradeplatz” in Zrich, you simply type the following URL:


And if you wanted Bahnhofstrasse No 1, you’d simply enter the following URL:


If you add a template to [Quicksilver Searches][], you have map search at your fingertips. Cool. Instant information about the places you’re going to spend all your money at when you visit Switzerland ;)

So, let’s see. [Norman Walsh][]’s been in Basel some time ago. He made some beautiful shots of the [Mnster Statuary][]. Wanna know where the “Mnsterplatz” is? Easy:


I’d love to see more services like this one. I think you could even expand it to international map searches, maybe even route planning, if you carefully choose the URL layout. Any Maporama guys out there?

As a side-note for [Photomatt][]: They’re using [WordPress][] 1.2 on their [about][] page. It’s in German, though.[]: “Map Search”[]: “Paradeplatz, Zrich”[]: “Bahnhofstrasse 1, Zrich”[]: “Uber”[Mnster Statuary]: “Mnster Statuary”[Norman Walsh]: []: “Mnsterplatz, Basel”[Quicksilver Searches]: /2004/10/11/from-launchbar-to-quicksilver-search-channels/ “Quicksilver Searches”[Photomatt]: “Photomatt”[WordPress]: “WordPress”

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