Spotlight, Dell, UPS and my first days at work


Today was the third day at my [new workplace][]. It was also the first time the UPS in the server rooms was supposed to work for more than a 5-minute test. It failed.1 So, this was also the first time for me without a net connection at work.

Besides that, it was a quite calm day. I tweaked the setup of my Dell Laptop ([No TabletPC][], though) to make it work as I want it. More specifically, this meant

  • Upgrading Office to SP-3 and adding “ReadAsPlain” to Registry so that Outlook will always display Mail as “Plain Text”
  • Installing Firefox and a bunch of extensions
  • Setup the Palm Environment, Conduits and more

Next steps might involve:

  • Find a PC counter-part for [Quicksilver][]. I really can’t live without it anymore. (Anyone tried [AppRocket][] so far?) * Tweak the setup even more

Besides that, I found out that I need [Spotlight][] badly! There’s tons of good and interesting documents on our corporate intranet and I definitely need something faster than [LookOut][] or [Google Desktop][].2 And I need SmartFolders as well!

Anyway, there’s lots of interesting projects ahead, lots of past experience I gained ex-curriculum (Anyone LDAP or Outlook WebDAV here? ;)) that proves to be very useful now. It couldn’t be better at all!

[new workplace]: /2004/10/13/rm-rf/ “rm -rf ~/"[No TabletPC]: /2004/10/28/my-mobility-needs/ “My Mobility Needs”[Quicksilver]: “Quicksilver”[Spotlight]: “Spotlight”[LookOut]: “LookOut”[Google Desktop]: “Google Desktop”[AppRocket]: “AppRocket”[Napster Server]: “Napster Server”[server room]: “Server Room”

  1. Yes, they installed an air-conditioning in the [server room][]. No, it was not for the [Napster Server][]. ↩︎

  2. Although the former is yet very useful for quick searches. ↩︎


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