Tip-A-day Giveaway


Found this gem on [CreativeBits][]:

InTips is a “tip of the day” plug-in that helps both novice and experienced InDesign users learn to use the program more efficiently.

[InTip’s tips and tricks][] for Adobe InDesign were written by bestselling book author David Blatner as a way to help publicize the power of InDesign and its plug-in technology. Blatner notes, “I consider this ‘promoware.’ InDesign users get free tips, and we get to spread the word about other cool InDesign products. Everyone wins!” (Hat tip: [ID: Tip-A-Day Giveaway!][])

[ID: Tip-A-Day Giveaway!]: http://iraszl.brinkster.net/creativebits/2004/11/id-tip-day-giveaway.html “ID: Tip-A-Day Giveaway!"[CreativeBits]: http://iraszl.brinkster.net/creativebits “CreativeBits”[InTip’s tips and tricks]: http://www.alap.com/products/intips.html “InTips”


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