Veerle on navigation maps

Veerle’s Navigation Map

[Veerle][] once more has a nice, little article on [drawing navigation maps][] which is a real time saver – if you’re in illustrations, that is, and do (have to do) navigation maps from time to time:

Sooner or later you have to deal with navigation maps. That is of course if you are a graphic designer. Whether you need it for a brochure, an invitation card or website, you need to draw this in a program like Illustrator. In other words you need a vector-based application, since they give you the flexibility you need.

These kind of drawings aren’t the most creative jobs, I see them almost as a necessary evil that goes with the job.

The result of her elegant approach is great maps in no time.[Veerle]: [drawing navigation maps]: “The easiest way to draw a navigation map in Illustrator CS”

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