I’m reading [James Taubers][] blog for a while now, and it is, by itself, a very interesting resource. Today, he had a short entry about [TeX for Leonardo][]:

Looking at Wikitex (via Simon Willison) has convinced me more than ever that I want support for TeX in Leonardo.

Well, I guess that might even be interesting for [some friend of mine][], who is still very busy with doing LaTeX and Stuff. And of course, the idea itself is interesting, too: Just throw a look at [WikiTeX][] too see what’s possible.

I must check if there’s a TeX plugin for Wordpress available as well. Might be neat. And cool, at last.

[James Taubers]: “James Tauber”[TeX for Leonardo]: “TeX for Leonardo”[WikiTeX]: “WikiTex”[Some friend of mine]: “Olbaum’s Delirium”

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