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In a recent post, I was rather enthusiastic about free WLAN in Swiss McDonald’s Restaurants – and still are. But today, I found out that the joint-venture between the WLAN provider and McDonald’s Switzerland is, well, only half-baked.

While they provide a great service (and mediocre food), they forgot that the essential thing for an extended stay in a Restaurant with power-consuming WLAN is … power outlets. In that whole, big Restaurant I was having an espresso right now, there was exactly one outlet that I could’ve used if the table had not been taken by someone else – someone else without a notebook, nota bene.

So, if for some reason or another you end up with an empty battery,1 you can’t count on getting the power you need. :(

When I asked the waitress if there were any more seats & tables with a power-outlet in reach, she just mentioned that before they revamped this particular Restaurant, they had outlets all around, but that now, they’ve gone … D’ohlt!

So I’m sitting here in school, waiting for my class2 to start and charge up my PowerBook.

  1. In my case, I think it is that my PowerBook’s battery somehow’s nearly dead. Evidence for this is that I tried all recommended actions by Apple and that some guy who knows a lot about batteries gives an average life span of only 2-3 years for a modern LiIon battery. OK, he’s selling batteries, but I trust him, anyway. ↩︎

  2. Hey, I’m learning Italian. ;) ↩︎


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