iTMS Sweden? No, Switzerland!


Shortly after the iTMS Switzerland launched, I experienced something funny in iTunes. I was in the US Music Store to do some comparisons on some artists. I then decided to sign in to the iTMS.

I had to laugh when iTunes presented me the following alert:

Obviously, someone at Apple’s mixed up Sweden and Switzerland – a common misconception, if you believe reports from abroad: People very often respond “Ah, Sweden!” if a Swiss is asked where he comes from and answers “Switzerland”.

Well, they seem to have fixed this in the meantime but got it almost, but not quite, entirely wrong:

For the inclined: The correct spelling would be “Schweizerischen Music Store” and not “Schweizeren Music Store”.

Disclaimer: This is not out of disrespect for the US but it proves that many people around the world casually mix up Sweden and Switzerland – even at Apple’s.


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