Koenigsegg CCR Supercar

Today on [Red Ferret][], I discovered the [Koenigsegg CCR][] built-to-order supercar. According to their website,

A Koenigsegg is quicker and more powerful than any other competing supercar

If I interpret the facts (privately funded company) and the CEO’s name (Christian von Koenigsegg) correctly, this might as well be a very rich aristocrat’s pet project – an impressive and succesful pet project, that is1

Besides some very exciting technical spec and a video of the world-record’s drive, the site holds quite a bit of images and movies about this car. From an engineering point-of-view, this car is exceptional. I am just wondering what the price of one of these is …

[Koenigsegg CCR]: http://www.koenigsegg.se “Koenigsegg”[Red Ferret]: http://www.redferret.net/?p=5995 “Red Ferret”[EVO]: http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/evo/previews/19580/koenigsegg_cc.html “Koenigsegg CC”

  1. [This][EVO] article at [EVO][] seems to support this. And has some more details to the history of a 22-year young Swedish man with a great vision. Inspiring. ↩︎

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