Dump it!


I go for it! In around two months, I’ll live a life without a mobile phone. I dump it and won’t replace it with something comparable. Actually, I am quite convinced that dumping my mobile phone will increase my QoL.1

You might ask why I dump it. Technically speaking, my K700i was a great companion and a succesful replacement of the T610 I talked about in [My Mobility Needs][] – no gripes about that phone at all. My gripe lies elsewhere.

First, I increasingly got phonecalls which required an e-Mail as an answer – people would’ve been better off writing an e-Mail with their questions first-hand. And if there was a real necessity to talk to me by phone, I still have my fixed-line.

Second, the cost-value ratio is getting worse. Making phone calls over my mobile is still too expensive in 2005 and I actually think the money I’ll save per month is better invested in other things – roses for my wife, new books or – maybe – new gadgets that add real value.

Third, I increasingly get business calls on my personal mobile and that’s something I don’t like. There’s a reason I have a fixed-line number and I think I can expect people to call me on that line.

The interesting part will really by my environment’s reaction to this. I know for sure that my wife’s suporting this 100% (And not only for the roses ;)).

I know that my boss thinks I don’t necessarily need a business mobile phone right now. And I know that some clients might go slightly ballistic once they learn the good news.

Other than that, there’s a few friends with whom I communicated – [one of them][] recently bought a mobile phone – and obviously m family who basically knows all my fixed-line phone numbers and can reach me almost all the time.

So, here I am, a-soon-to-be-mobile-less man, convinced of that move and convinced my QoL will increase a lot. Somebody said once

Embrace the Future you can not see!

Definitely the thing I’ll do here :)

If there’s anybody out there that would like to share his thoughts, please feel free to comment.

Update 2005-12-09#

I anticipated that change that much that I dumped my mobile today (2005-12-09). :D

[My Mobility Needs]: /2004/10/28/my-mobility-needs/ “My Mobility Needs”[Namibia]: http://namibia.mycvs.org “Namibia Tagebuch”[one of them]: http://ithink.ch/blog/

  1. Quality of Life ↩︎


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