Finding A New Domain Name


Every domain has its story, and it is no different with Six or seven years back in time, at University, I was looking for some web-space to host a remote CVS repository, and because my imagination was, mildly put, mediocre at most, I choose Subsequently, I also moved my e-mail accounts to this domain and eventually started this blog, obviously with a completely different name.

Lately, I got more and more the impression that both the domain name and the blog’s name were almost, but not quite, entirely unlike what they should be. Too clumsy, not speaking, hard to remember and entirely unrelated.

Thus, I seek for a new, unique and more speaking name for this domain and blog. I already have some ideas in my mind, nothing of it is the prefect fit.

I know this sounds obvious, but finding a great domain name is actually quite a hassle. You want it to be short, concise and easy to remember, or you want it to be arbitrary like, something speaking like etc. Very difficult.

Therefore, I seek your help.1 I can not offer a bounty, nor fame, the only thing I can give is some link love to your blog. So, stroll around my blog, get an idea what I like to talk about and maybe you get an idea for a new domain name. If you do so, drop me a note with the suggestion, your name and blog (if you have one) at info *at* – if I like what you suggest, I will talk about it at the new place once I’m decided. If there’s something particular why you came up with this name, feel free to include it as well.

Please don’t forget to let me know if you don’t want your suggestion revealed if I do not choose it.2 Thanks for all suggestions – I’m eager to see what the blogosphere has to offer.

  1. And after some buzz about my Google Analytics WordPress Plugin, it’s the best moment for that, I guess ↩︎

  2. Comments on this post are closed to avoid someone else registers your-great-name-for-jr’s-blog before I do. ;) ↩︎


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