iWork ‘06



I don’t use iWork often – although I’d love to – but from time to time, I give a presentation in Keynote or spill-out some pages in Pages.

One of my biggest gripes since Keynote 1 was the fact that the charts in Keynote (and nowadays Pages) could not contain “empty” cells. Wherever you put no value in a cell of a chart, you’d get a “0” filled-in by the chart module. This was OK in most cases but as soon as you’d like to compare an actual data-set with a forecast, you’d end up having problems because there was no way of using an non-equal number of values per row. Even if you tried emptying the values in the XML,1 you would either end up with an empty chart or so, but definitely not with an non-equal number of values.

Today, I had the chance of trying iWork ‘06 and luckily they’ve changed this behaviour, as illustrated by the screen-shot. Yay! With the new Macs being Intel, there’s one more chance to convince our IT department that I need a Mac at work. :)

  1. Yes, I was that desperate at some time ↩︎


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