Multiple Speakers in iTunes: Video-enabled AirPort Express anytime soon?

One of the new features of iTunes 6.0.2 is the “Multiple Speakers” option. You only get to see this option if you have multiple speakers available. (That is, at least one AirPort Express in the range of your iTunes.)

Now, this alone wouldn’t merit a mention in this blog, but one very important fact makes this noteworthy: If I use one AirPort speaker and my Computer speakers simultaneously, I don’t get any delay between the two. Yes. No delay. This probably means that iTunes calculates the delay from your Computer to iTunes and adjusts playback accordingly.

Having said this, I want to claim here (for the first time ;)) that Apple soon will release a Video-enabled AirPort Express and a revamped DVD player that is capable of streaming audio and video to this AirPort Express, further enabling the OS X platform as the ideal Home Entertainment Centre.

As for the name of this product, I can only guess. Vaport Express? VapoRub Express?

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