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Yesterday, I stumbled upon a new music discovery service: Musicovery. The (appearently) french service provides an interesting interface to discover new music.

You basically can select genres, moods and/or “danceability”. Muscovery will then present you a collar of songs that will be played one after another. You can skip, change mood, genre etc. as you wish. They have a nice collection of music, too. (Especially if you’re into old french chansons. :))

There are some downsides, though: You can’t save a list of recent songs (As you can with Pandora) and sometimes, the interface switches the genre too fast (For example, if you deactivate a genre, the music will stop and start new). And they should definitely change the “Country” to “uk” if you select the UK flag. ;)

But at a price of roughly USD 2 per month for Hi-Fi music, that’s nothing too negative about that service. I like it.


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