I’m currently attending Remy Blaettlers session about 37signals’ book on Getting Real.

So far, it’s rather interesting and the discussions are flowing. Some of my impressions up until now:

Getting Real* Basecamp made more money from the Book than other companies w/ their business model#

Less is more* Underdo your competition* Build for the 80/20 Rule: 20% of functionality for 80% of the users* Leave out what doesn’t matter* Ask people what they don’t want (!)* Enable the user – “1_Task Name” or “ 1 Task Name”

Feel the pain* Put developers into support* Make them use the system they built* Move everybody into the same room* Scratch your own itch#

The Blank Slate* The first impression counts * The first time a user sees the app, it might be empty.* Provide tutorials, examples, demos, demo-screenshots#

Easy On, Easy Off* Data import & export* No long term contracts, signup fees or hidden charges* Build trust* Don’t lock the users in#

Bad news are good news* Don’t hide your mistakes, explain them* Bad press? Use it!#

Where is the fire?_ Who’s talking about you? (Blogs, Digg, Press, Newsgroup)_ Google Alerts!_ Talk back_ Monitor and learn from your competition#

Your idea is worthless* The most brilliant idea, without execution, is worthless* Start first, develop it later* Don’t wait for the reinvention of the wheel#

Unfortunately, time’s over now. Maybe I should buy read the book. :)

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