Recently, I stumbled upon BlogDesk as a tool for posting to my blogs. After I had fiddled around w/ quite a bunch of different tools, I am now happy that I found a blogging Tool for Windows that has most of the features I need:

  • Image resizing and thumbnail creation (Great!)_ “Raw”-Mode which is great for posts using Markdown_ Multiple Blogs

Most other tools I tried (including Word, Windows Live Writer and others) did not accomodate for one or more of these requirements.

The screenshot below show how this post looks in BlogDesk’s “Source” View (Click for bigger image).

blogdesk-screenshot{width=“450” height=“374”}

Of course, Ecto for OS X remains still mostly unmatched (at least for my needs) but BlogDesk is really close – and free. And the developer Johannes is helpful, even if dumb users as I don’t read the instructions in detail. :)


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