Subtle Market Push: Playlist behaviour


As you may have guessed by the time now, I like music quite much. Consequently, I’m always on the search for new music fitting my taste. Obviously, I have accounts at, Pandora and Finetune.

On, I recently discovered some subtle form of market push. One of my favourite singers, Sissel, released a new album Northern Lights in November, and this album is actively pushed by Occasionally when playing music of artists similar to Sissel, I will get a piece of Sissel herself playing as the first track. Despite the 5 or more albums available from Sissel on, this track is always(!) a track of the new album.

You can try it for yourself: Start the standalone player and enter “Sissel” as an artist. Start playing the music. Watch if the first track played is from Sissel. If so, is it from “Northern Lights”? I bet so. (Stop and repeat if the track is not from Sissel)

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