Moreganize -- a Doodle clone?

logo moreganize

Just stumbled upon Moreganzie, a service for easy scheduling of appointments and more:

Schedule your appointments with moreganize quickly and easily, for business or pleasure - for free, no registration required!

Looks very much like a Doodle clone – I’m wondering what directions both services will take. One difference so far seems to be that Moreganize offers an iCalendar synchronization for appointments:

Automatic calendar entry (e.g. Outlook) of the definitive date.

My first impression of the appointment feature so far:

  • The overall speed is inferior to doodle (Maybe half of Switzerland was just testing the service when I tried)* The date selection is more convenient (Ajax) than Doodle’s* Deadlines for replies are a good thing and you can tell how many responses you expect – you will get an e-Mail once this number is reached* You can distinguish “OK dates” and “Preferred dates” and you can leave comments* You can change your replies via a link sent by e-Mail, which is good for tracking purposes* Once you fixed a date, people receive an e-Mail and can open an iCalendar attachment with the appointment for your Calendar

Overall, they seem to have taken the best of Doodle and improved it further. Great to see both services come from Switzerland.


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