Creative Generalist – What specifically do Generalists do


I stopped counting the number of new blogs I added (and removed) to my Feedreader throughout the past years. It’s been quite a few but as you may guess, many of them were just not worth being kept (As it is probably the case with my own.) But every now and then, I stumble accross one blog that stands out and captivates me. [Creative Generalist][0] by Steve Hardy seems to be one of these. It covers the topic of (creative) generalism, as opposed to the ever more prvalent specialisation of all sorts. From the few post I read since I discovered the blog, the one titled “[What specifically do Generalists do][1]” fascinated me most – I guess mainly because I’m sort of a (creative) generalist as well. In it, Steve identifies a number of areas where he thinks Creative Generalists excel most:

  • Wander & Wonder - finding possibility
  • Synthesize & Summarize - presenting information
  • Link & Leap - generating ideas
  • Mix & Match - connecting people
  • Experience & Empathize - understanding worldview If I look back what I’ve done so far in my career and [what I thought I can do best][2], then I think a [Creative Generalist][1] quite perfectly fits the [ENFP][3]-type of Personality. And from this point of view, [Steve][0] helped me to precise quite a bit my understanding of what I can and want to do best in both my professional and personal life. Which seems to be a good reason to keep his blog on my blogroll. [0]: [1]: [2]: /2004/08/16/problem-solver-for-hire/ [3]:


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