Strategic Doing

My discovery of Strategic Doing, an approach to Strategy different from Strategic Planning.

While going through my Twitter timeline, I came across @DanyDeGrave’s tweet on Strategic Doing:

Smart advice from @hjarche “Strategic Doing comprises 10 skills. The book’s authors state that of 500 projects in one initiative, the most successful teams consistently used eight of these skills, while the least successful used only two.” #futureofwork

— Dany DeGrave (@DanyDeGrave) July 6, 2020

An instant deep-dive where the initial article surfaced a number of highly interesting articles and links about the practice or process of Strategic Doing which I feel can be applied to a number of things I’m involved in. What I find intriguing about the approach is its openness while at the same time having a healthy dose of directionality that helps people navigate complex, chaotic (in the best sense of the word) environments. Being an “action led” approach to Strategy, it should also help bring in people who’re weary of strategy exercises or had bad experiences. Last but not least, I can see how this is an excellent tool to break free from siloed thinking (and doing) in organisations. Some of the things people apply Strategic Doing to:

  • building – or developing – local and regional ecosystems,
  • creating powerful networks and networks of networks, and
  • enabling continuous innovation Interestingly enough, it seems to be something that’s not yet really jumped over to Europe big time. Room for innovation, I’d say, and room for early adopters.

This post is part of my journey into “Personal Knowledge Mastery” (Or #PKM) and the PKMastery workshop led by Harold Jarche.

Edit 9.7.2020: some small additions that got lost when publishing.


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