SpamDictionary -- mo' fun are us

In a recent post, I mentioned my discovery of LiveDictionary. Today, I found a new – and funny – use for it: SpamDictionary.

Mike Ash, the developer, points out that one can add any Cocoa App to the “LiveDictionary enabled” Applications, including, but not limited, to

Equipped with this live facilty, I attacked my Spam folder and had a look a all these flabbergasting words our dear friends from the SpamFront use to mask their, well, interesting offers

I actually found out that these mails are rather educating, in the sense that I learn lots of new, sophisticated expressions – something of great interest for a non-native speaker of the english language. I am sure I soon will see an accretion of my english vocabulary, but I fear that my posts will be kinda arty very soon ;).

Oh, and “SpamDictionary” is kind of a coinage, ain’t it?

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