LiveDictionary loadable Apps

In my post about SpamDictionary, I mentioned LiveDictionarys capability to load into other applications than Safari, which is both useful and educating: It only depends on the App you load it in.

Over the past few days, I found myself constantly adding LiveDictionary to Apps here and there. Besides the obvious candidate,, I found LiveDictionary also working in other apps.

More precisely, the following Apps I use support LiveDictionary to the extent that it becomes useful:

  • Safari** iChat* ecto (ex. Kung-Log)* NetNewsWire* Curio* PulpFiction* UniLingua

Update: LiveDictionary loads and works in PulpFiction as well. Cool!

Update: I added UniLingua (A vocabulary learning software) to the list – because I can :)

In order to load LiveDictionary in these apps, you will have to modify the Info.plist of the LiveDictInputManagerLoader.bundle which is found in the LiveDictInputManager.inputManager that is located in ~/Library/InputManagers.

The following snippet of code lists the LiveDictLoadableAppIDs key that you will need to use.

<key>LiveDictLoadableAppIDs</key><array>    <string></string>    <string>com.zengobi.curio</string>    <string></string>    <string></string>    <string></string>    <string>com.ranchero.NetNewsWire</string>    <string>com.milvich.michael.MenuSpell</string>    <string>com.freshsqueeze.PulpFiction</string>    <string>com.harderware.UniLingua</string></array>

If you know other Apps that will work with LiveDictionary enabled, post them in the comments.

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