WordPress Issues

Update: There is a patch for the WordPress 1.2 version of the xmlrpc.php file that fixes this and a bunch of other things. You can find the patch here.

As usual, this is unsupported by WordPress, Ecto and me.

For me, WordPress rocks. I really feel much more at ease than with MT, albeit I was using WP only for a day now – and albeit the fact, that others might disagree ;)

Most probably, this is because I feel comfy with the PHP syntax more than with Perl’s. Moreover, I have Markdown that lets me write exactly the same way as before, as well as some blacklist support very similar to MT-Blacklist.

Of course, there are also some disadvantages. The most obvious one is, that ecto can not retrieve the recent posts – because of some error in the XML-RPC implementation of WordPress.

The second, less obvious one, is, that I won’t be able to share my MT experiences with Ölbaum anymore, and that’s a pity … but not as big as I wouldn’t change to WordPress nevertheless :)

With the redesign should also come some more content to add, but I find it quite difficult to position me in-between all the experts I read. But I will certainly find a niche, someday.

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