WordPress 1.2 Beta

Well, it might – once again – be time to reconsider WordPress as my blog package. I just noticed that Wordpress 1.2 Beta is out for some days now.

Some of the features the new version offers (from the blog)

  • Sub-categories
  • Custom fields
  • Localization framework and unicode encoding support
  • All post times stored in local time and GMT
  • Cleaner cruft-free and search engine friendly URLs
  • Automatic thumbnail creation
  • Strong encryption of user passwords
  • Redone administration interface, particularly with regard to options
  • Non-mod_rewrite clean links option

Somre more stuff, like full Unicode support, might make it even more interesting. Especially the “Cleaner cruft-free and search engine friendly URLs” might be worth having a detailed look at. Well, I’ll check it out … :)

In the meantime, have a look at Hey Hey 16k.

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