I’m moving. Not physically, but with my virtual home: I’ll get a new hosting. My current hosting is generally fine, the service is excellent and the bang-for-the-buck can not be beaten. (That is, I didn’t find cheaper hosting with the same features.)


Nevertheless I move. The main reason for moving to a new hosting is speed. I have a “client” of mine that recently started using and when I upload files it’s just like a blaze. And recently, I experienced some slowdowns – maybe I just got a place on the wrong server – but if I have to move anyway then I prefer moving closer. Finally, the new hosting is a swiss company, so they’re supposed to work hard to earn their money, which is good for the customer.

Of course, I pay a price. The new hosting does not exactly offer the same service and if I really want shell access (And I want it!) then I’ll have to take their “Professional” plan which is 1.6 times the price I pay now. If their shell access proves to be bad, I still can go back and keep my old hosting.

So, there might be some bumps and hiccups and time-outs and whatever such a move can bring. Hopefully, I’ll have finished the move within less than one week.

I will miss my dear walnut that so steadily hosted all my thousands of files during the last years!


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