Combined XML-RPC Patch for WordPress 1.2 and Ecto or MarsEdit


[Update 6.10.2004]: adriaan, the author of Ecto, has provided a patch for the patch: There was an issue where time information of a post would get mangled-up when posting with Ecto2 to WordPress. His patch fixes that. If you want a replacement patch for WordPress 1.2 that fixes the issues mentioned below and the timezone issues, you might want to install the files in this archive. Use both at your own risk!

There was some reader request that I post a 1.2 compatible patch to cure some issues between WordPress and Ecto. I started fixing them with a first patch for the beta version, a second patch for the delta version and a patch for file upload not so long ago. These could all be applied to WordPress 1.2 but caused some problems sometimes.

So, here it is: The patch, working with WordPress 1.2 “Mingus”. Use it at your own risk! (I use it right now for posting this)

The following file will introduce a number of changes to the WordPress xmlrpc.php file that will facilitate bloggin with Ecto (and possibly other blogging softwares as well): xmlrpc.12.patch

If you apply this fix with patch, you will get the following extras:

  • Categories working
  • File upload
  • Some date magic
  • Ecto will again be able to get the URL of a post1
  • The Markdown plugin will be seen by ecto2
  • Trackbacks will work3

If you don’t want to apply the patch, you can also get the xmlrpc.php with the patch already applied. Just download it, unpack and rename it and drop it in place of the original WordPress 1.2 xmlrpc.php file: xmlrpc.tgz

(Syntax Colored Source: xmlrpc.phps)


[23.9.2004]Brent Simmons recently released MarsEdit, which is a new Blog editor that grew out of his excellent NetNewsWire. This patch is known to work with a MarsEdit/WordPress combo as well (Tested for posting & file upload).

All the disclaimers and points to observe apply as well, though.

  1. In the post list, Ecto will let you copy the URL of an article. The standard WordPress xmlrpc.php has a typo that makes Ecto not see the URL ↩︎

  2. If the Markdown plugin is enabled in the WordPress install, Ecto will see that and preview your post with the Markdown plugin enabled. ↩︎

  3. TrackBacks did not use to work with WordPress XML-RPC for some obscure reason. I attempted to fix this with that patch: File Upload to WordPress in Ecto ↩︎


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