The first time I heard about SafariStand on [// hicksdesign][]. I had it installed for quite some time, then removed it because I thought it was one of the sources for the Safari deadlock I sometimes encounter.

Then, I discovered that the “Export to PDF” contextual menu I got used to, was suddenly missing – it was a feature added by Stand, but I that quickly used to it that I really thought it had been in Safari all the time.

Well, today I installed the latest version again and used the occasion to have a better look at the preferences. While it duplicates some of the functionality of [PithHelmet][], it also has its unique feature set that let it stand apart from other Safari extenders.

One of the goodies I discovered was the “Tidy by Date for Download File” option: It will create a subfolder with the current date1 in the download folder and put the downloaded files inside this folder.SafariStand Preferences This keeps your downloads organized and is far superior to the “Folder Script” Method: It won’t make the input focus jump to the Finder and back as it shoves the folders and files around, and it won’t move files around if you place them inside the folder neither.

Very practical, indeed, and surely most useful for [Ölbaum][], too!


  1. In ISO format, btw![// hicksdesign]: ↩︎


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