Finally ...

After my very very 2nd Generation iPod (10GB) decided to give up his life, I finally decided to offer myself a new one. If you wonder why I din’t go for a battery replacement then I see three main points here:

  1. Replacing the battery in such an old device might cost me a lot o’money2. I always envied people with newer iPods because of the “On-the-go” Playlist and the possibility to set the rating of a song on the iPod3. Because of the color screen of the new models

Obviously, the latter might be of no great use for me in general but who knows – I might start using the iPod as a backup for presentations.

As for the model, after pondering the options, sizes, life and the universe in general, I opted for a somehow “moderate” model: The [iPod nano (PRODUCT) RED][1] 4GB. For the color: Certainly, because of the red which I like a lot, but also because it’s actually for a good cause to choose a [(PRODUCT) RED][2].

For the size: My wife made the good advice that actually, in one or two years, I might (again) have to change iPod again because of a dead (or almost dead) battery and thus, that 4GB or 8GB actually didn’t matter that much. Which, in turns, matters insofar as that with the money I put apart for buying the iPod 8GB, I can buy an iPod 4GB and some expensivegreat accessories as well.

Expected delivery date: May 17th. Me likes it.

[1]: “iPod nano (PRODUCT) RED”[2]: “Join Red”

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