“Zen To Done


Leo Babauta’s [Zen Habits][0] is possibly one of the most-read productivity blogs to date. There’s a ton of useful stuff to find and while not everything is applicable to my life, from time to time, I get useful input to streamline my day-to-day life – both personally and professionally. With [Zen To Done][1], Leo’s now published an e-Book of a series on his ultimate simple productivity system. Obviously, the system competes with Getting Things Done, sharing two of the three letters of its acronym. According to Leo, [Zen To Done][1]’s idea is

[to] take some of the best concepts fromsome of the best productivity systems ever invented,including, David Allens Getting Things Done andStephen Coveys 7 Habits of Successful People, addsome other useful concepts, and distill them into avery simple and usable productivity system calledZen To Done (ZTD). The intriguing thing, however, is Leo’s aim to actually, really, get things done by implementing 10 habits, roughly along these lines:


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