JSONPath is a wonderful little library if you regularly work with JSON. Because it’s neatly packed and avaialable as a JavaScript version, what easier to do than to create a Google Apps Script version of it.

Thought - done. You find the Library with the following ID M2kt1U7LL_2rAYMhFKpXAlpyRHZGAjJhz to add it to your projects.

To use it in your code, just call it like this:

JSONPath.apply(obj, expr, arg);

Where the parameters and the return value are as follows:


obj (object|array): Object representing the JSON structure.

expr (string): JSONPath expression string.

args (object|undefined): Object controlling path evaluation and output. Currently only one member is supported.

args.resultType (“VALUE”|“PATH”): causes the result to be either matching values (default) or normalized path expressions.

return value:

(array|false): Array holding either values or normalized path expressions matching the input path expression, which can be used for lazy evaluation. false in case of no match.



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